Back Pain and Spinal Health Exercise Program in Carlsbad

10-week Back Pain and Spinal Health Exercise Program

Where: at PilatesWise studio at 800 Grand Ave, Suite B 3, Carlsbad 92008

When: every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm for 10 weeks
will start in February

Cost: only $250 (including 20 classes)

Proper Exercise program should be part of everyone’s back pain rehabilitation and prevention. Unfortunately, most of the home-exercises and DVD programs may target the wrong muscles and are hard to follow or tolerate due to pain and fear of re-injury.

Back Pain and Spinal Health exercise program is held twice a week for 10-weeks (20 sessions) which is a combination of exercise and education and is designed for everyone who are suffering from back pain or have experienced back pain. It includes pilates, spinal stabilization training, specific stretching and relaxation techniques.

The program is a gradually progressive and pain-free. It’s clinically proven to be safe, an effective way to reduce back pain, and prevent future injuries.

 This program is good for you if you want 

  • Long-term solution to relieving and preventing from back pain and future injuries
  • Commit this 10-week program twice a week

To register for this class please call 760.481.4943 (spaces limited for only 5) For more information, please visit

About the teacher
Tuula is a Physical Therapist from Finland. She has educated and rehabilitated patients with back pain for more than 10 years in Finland. She has been running her pilates business, PilatesWise, since 2008. Her Pilates program is specialized in those who have specific rehabilitation, or post-rehabilitation needs and conditions. Most of her clients have had back problems or other musculoskeletal issues.

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