Kinesiophobia – The hidden reason why the back pain becomes chronic

Kinesiophobia – The hidden reason why the back pain becomes chronic Kinesiophobia is a disorder where a person believes that movement can cause more injury and pain. A constant cycle of pain, fear, disuse and depression can be a result of kinesiophobia and it definitely slows down a normal recovering process from injury. This can…

Spinal muscles are an essential part of back pain relief and prevetion

Importance of spinal muscles rehab to relieve and prevent back pain Did you know that muscles have a critical role of supporting your spine, preventing and reducing back pain? Very often medical professionals underestimate the importance of the deep stabilizer muscles helping your recovery process from the back injury. Studies show that after first episode…

Clinical Pilates vs. Fitness Pilates in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas

Pilates is a wonderful exercise form for fitness as well as physical rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Pilates comprehensive certification program prepare Pilates instructors only to teach “Fitness Pilates”, which is Pilates for healthy bodies (no injuries). So, basic Pilates education does not give enough education about working with musculoskeletal and neurological problems and dysfunctions. Too confident Pilates instructors with lack of…

Pilates is the Best exercise form for PreNatal

Keeping up with an exercise program can be difficult when you’re pregnant, especially during the first trimester when you might feel nausea and tired. One of the safest and most effective way to stay active is with Pilates, which strengthens the most important muscles that you’ll use during pregnancy and labor. Pilates improves breathing technique, concentration and body awareness, which even help your labor. With Pilates you can recover faster back to pre pregnancy figure and shape.

Pilates rehabilitates shoulder rotator cuff injuries

Shoulder joint has wider and more varied range of motion than any other joint in the human body. It’s also most unstable joint which means high risk of injury. Everyone has heard something about rotator cuff and related problems, but how many knows that rotator cuff muscles have very important role in a proper the shoulder function and injury prevention? Pilates is a method which works very well for rotator cuff post-rehabilitation and injury prevention.