Pilates often referred by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors

Pilates private sessions are a wonderful tool to rehabilitate your body after injury or Physical Therapy. It’s gentle and low-impact exercise form where your body can heal without putting too much pressure on your injury side but still working out your whole body. After injury your muscles learn to work different, inefficient way and sometimes…

High Heels Cause Back Pain

Wearing high heel shoes can be sexy and feminine but is not the best thing for your body. High heels force your body weight to be thrown forward thus it’s natural balance is thrown off and your muscles have to make constant adjustments to keep your body somehow balanced. Back pain is not the only problem what you can get by wearing those sexy high heels. Wearing high heels can be fashionable and sexy but think about the total price when you are wearing them!

Pilates is the Best exercise form for PreNatal

Keeping up with an exercise program can be difficult when you’re pregnant, especially during the first trimester when you might feel nausea and tired. One of the safest and most effective way to stay active is with Pilates, which strengthens the most important muscles that you’ll use during pregnancy and labor. Pilates improves breathing technique, concentration and body awareness, which even help your labor. With Pilates you can recover faster back to pre pregnancy figure and shape.

Pilates for Rehabilitation- Does It Work?

Pilates method is widely practiced for both rehabilitation and fitness. Physical Therapists are recognizing Pilates as one of the most successful methods to treat many injuries, spinal disorders and joint diseases. Pilates also benefits individuals with neurological problems (MS), chronic pain (fibromyalgia), women’s health needs (menopause, osteoporosis, pre/post natal), performance enhancement needs, arthritic impairments (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) and other movement dysfunctions.