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Restorative Pilates Class For Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Back Pain in Carlsbad, CA

Restorative Pilates For Chronic Pain And Overall Wellbeing


This class is for everyone, but it’s specifically designed for chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, lupus, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic back pain and osteoarthritis. The class is an unique blend of pilates, therapeutic strengthening and stretching exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, myofascial release techniques and MELT method.


Proper exercise program is the best treatment for chronic pain. Movement heals physically and physiologically. Our classes focus on

  • Strengthen supporting muscles surround your joints and spine
  • Mobilizing joints and spine and emphasizing full range of motion
  • Stretching tight muscles
  • Releasing unnecessary muscle tension
  • Releasing myofascia and hydrating connective tissues
  • Relaxing body and mind

This all support your wellbeing physically and physiologically – and the most importantly – relieve overall pain.

 Are you in this pain cycle? We can help you out of it with our Restorative         Pilates class, taught by Physical Therapist & certified Pilates Instructor.

Classes are held on

  • Wednesdays at 11 am and
  • Saturdays at 9.30 am.

All classes are by appointment only and space is limited for max 5 people.

Please call or text 760.481.4943 to reserve your spot.
Your first class is FREE!

Rates: Single class $18, 10 class package $150 ($15/class)

For more about our Pilates fitness and Rehabilitation program, please click HERE


Clinical Pilates vs. Fitness Pilates in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas

Pilates is a wonderful exercise form for fitness as well as physical rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Pilates comprehensive certification program prepare Pilates instructors only to teach “Fitness Pilates”, which is Pilates for healthy bodies (no injuries). So, basic Pilates education does not give enough education about working with musculoskeletal and neurological problems and dysfunctions. Too confident Pilates instructors with lack of education are a dangerous combination. Don’t get me wrong, Pilates is still good for rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation – but only when taught by a skilled Physical Therapist or very experienced Pilates Instructor. Physical therapists have advanced education about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and exercise invention and they are experienced to work with regarding different kind of diagnosis and bodily dysfunctions.

In Australia they have wisely separated clinical and fitness Pilates. Clinical Pilates is only taught by Physiotherapist (=Physical Therapist). Fitness Pilates is taught by fitness professionals or dancers. Aussies have understood also how good Pilates exercise is when practiced together with traditional physical therapy. Also in Finland they have separated clinical Pilates education which is only designed for Physical Therapists, and Mat Pilates certification program for fitness professionals. They don’t allow Pilates instructors with dancing & fitness background to work with injuries.

Clinical Pilates aims to correct biomechanical alignment and muscle imbalances which are caused by faulty compensation patterns due pain, disease or injury. Fitness Pilates concentrates only in proper Pilates exercise techniques, nice cuing and body & mind connection, which is definitely not enough for the people with post rehabilitation or rehabilitation needs.

Fitness Pilates:

  • Dance-oriented exercises, used for general conditioning and lifestyle
  • Strong bias towards flexion, stretching, end-of-range movements,
  •  No evidence to support its use for rehabilitation of low-back pain
  • Non pathology-specific exercises

Clinical Pilates:

  • Benefit Diagnostic and rehabilitation tool for injury and performance enhancement  
  • Progresses from static stabilization to dynamic; trains local then global stability systems.
  • Neutral zone stability comes before end-of-range flexibility
  • Aims to fulfill established evidence based criteria
  • Observes pathology under load and modifies accordingly

PilatesWise program in Carlsbad, Oceanside and Encinitas serves as a healing aid for anyone seeking to recover from injury, weakness from trauma, inactivity or illness, and recovery from chronic pain or disease such as MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, scoliosis, arthritis, Osteoporosis, sciatica, chronic back and neck pain. For more info please click HERE